Monday, May 01, 2006

Friends and Their Limitations

Today's meditation from the Henri Nouwen Society


We need friends. Friends guide us, care for us, confront us
in love, console us in times of pain. Although we speak of
"making friends," friends cannot be made. Friends are free
gifts from God. But God gives us the friends we need when
we need them if we fully trust in God's love.

Friends cannot replace God. They have limitations and
weaknesses like we have. Their love is never faultless,
never complete. But in their limitations they can be
signposts on our journey towards the unlimited and
unconditional love of God. Let's enjoy the friends whom God
has sent on our way.

Just to say thank you, really, for the many different ways in which all of you, my real and virtual friends, show me love and care, - and thus show me God. My life is so much richer for knowing you.


cheesehead said...

What a lovely word. I needed this today.

see-through faith said...

me too - I read it on the HN site but seeing it here too gave it more impact. Friends are NOT God but we do need them :=) and I'm grateful for RevGals and friends like you Kathryn.