Saturday, May 13, 2006

Placement Update

Lorna wondered what was happening about this, - so here’s the latest news. The Diocese of Gloucester is linked with two (Dornakal and Karnataka Central) in the Church of South India, and for the past few years clergy from both countries have visited, spent time with and learned from each other…and there are clearly various practical ways in which affluent Gloucestershire can try to make things better for our brothers and sisters in South India too. WonderfulVicar was part of the last Gloucester foray to our link diocese, spending February in and around Bangalore, and came home gently glowing and saying “You must go one day”. With this in mind, when a Senior Diocesan Officer cornered me in the Cathedral on Maundy Thursday and asked if I’d like to be part of the next diocesan expedition, there was only one answer possible.

So, I’ve talked to the man in charge of curate training, who is happy for me to do this as my placement but also (blessings on him) quite willing to insist that I need further experience if I can find a church in ECUSA (or indeed PCUSA or variants thereon) that might be prepared to graft me onto them for a couple of weeks of “work experience” some time next year. I get to go to India, which is both terrifying and utterly amazing..All the planning and preparation is sorted by the diocese (which is music to my chaotic ENFP ears) and I can still pursue my longing to visit the States, meet blog friends irl and investigate churches that take seriously the education of adult parishioners….

Lorna, my friend, I’d love to visit you and your church in Finland, but I suspect that trying to stretch my placement to yet another continent might be pushing my luck a little, so I’ll just have to come under my own steam one day. Meanwhile, India should be happening in November,- I’ll miss TeenWonder’s 17th birthday and the arrival of his driving licence (this might be quite a wise move) but will be home safely in time for Advent. I know I will be gibbering with terror when departure day draws near, but right now I am simply overwhelmed with the opportunity to visit a country I’ve always longed to see, - and to call this “work”. Unnumbered blessings…….


see-through faith said...

Hi Kathryn. This is brilliant news :) (I didn't really expect you to come to Finland -not exotic enough - though under the Porvoo Agreement Anglicans and Lutherans can pulpit swap 'fairly easily' The Anglican chaplaincy in Helsinki would be really blessed (and I suspect shaken just a little) if you were to come at some point :) and the international congregation in this city would LOVE you.

I have to do a work placement soon. I've been exploring if I could do it in the international congregation (Lutheran /Anglican) but it's not sure if I can or not - partly because Methodists were not part of the Porvoo Agreement in practice, but in theory firmly behind it.

Anyway I wrote about your OPEN HOUSE in today's blog. It brought me such HOLY joy last night when I read it (several days after the event ofcourse!)

Be blessed :)

mibi52 said...

You might want to come over here to the Washington DC area. I'll be in our seminary then, the Virginia Theological Seminary (or to give it its proper name, the Protestant Episcopal Theological Seminary in Virginia). We just call it VTS. The website is .There is a wonderful Center for the Ministry of teaching, and several larger parishes in the area with significant adult ed programs. We're just a few miles from the Washington National Cathedral, with all its educational programs, and we participate in a consortium of several theological schools (Methodist, Catholic, Baptist, among others) in the area. We're used to students from abroad and have guest houses.

Besides which, Reverendmother and I are nearby for fun and frolic and chocolate! And since Songbird originally hailed from these parts and knows them well, we might be able to lure her down for a visit.

Just a thought...