Monday, May 15, 2006

More than just envelopes

Yes, Christian Aid week is here again. Our Parish Administrator has been masterminding the sort of campaign that features maps, pins and endless lists, and ought properly to emanate from the Cabinet War Rooms, and after the Eucharist yesterday a large proportion of the congregation left church clutching bundles of red and white envelopes.
We delivered ours before Evensong,though I'm wondering quite when I'm going to get the chance to collect them. But in case it should seem like an unwelcome chore, I'm posting this here to remind me why we are doing this.

O God, you promise a world
where those who now weep shall laugh;
those who are hungry shall feast;
those who are poor now, and excluded,
shall have your kingdom for their own.
I want this world too.
I renounce despair.
I will act for change.
I choose to be included
in your great feast of life.


serena said...

The old door-to-door? I grew up on that, and loved trooping up and down the same road every year with my parents - it was even more fun when we were old enough to help with the counting! But the War Room analogy is probably a fairly accurate description of the organisation involved :)

stuart said...

Thanks for that I think I may print it out and stick it to the forehead of the lady who at church on Sunday complained that the CA poster we had put up desecrated the church. Hurrmph not feeding starving millions and giving more of a toss about buildings than people seems more like desecration! So thanks for this reminder ;)