Thursday, May 04, 2006

Between you, me and the gatepost

Though I said that yesterday’s day off had been too much fun to allow much blogging activity, we did pass these gateposts of distinction in the course of our expedition,- and their photos have been waiting for a wider public for some time, so today their moment has come.

This pair are part of a collection around a random farm gate, on a very minor road in the environs of Ham, - just on the edge of the parish here. I really enjoy the fact that they are simply there, gratuitously, with nothing to call attention to them, and no clue as to why someone spent time lovingly carving them. The wood itself is beautiful, and I love the way this one looks exactly like a little owl perched on the gate as it first comes into sight from the footpath.
I suspect my children will regard the need
to blog about gateposts as further evidence
that their mother has finally and incontrovertibly
joined the ranks of the laughably insane, but these
are very special and they always make me smile.


Polly said...

Hi lovely

Gate posts are cool. Don't worry I had a period of taking pictures of stones.!!!!!!!!!!

serena said...

Those are beautiful! What an extravagance of love poured out through someone's hands into the lives of passersby! Why? Because! They're just Gorgeous :)

see-through faith said...

smiling is good