Friday, May 12, 2006

This is bizarre

Little Daewoo that faithfully transported me the length and breadth of the country during ordination training (staggeringly high mileage is one of the drawbacks of undertaking a regional course) is beginning to show its age,- or rather its miles. Gradually, problems are cropping up which suggest that it may be time to say goodbye, before it becomes a totally valueless wreck, so we've been thinking a bit about suitable replacements. I really fancied the Citroen C2 (after all, I'm still in mourning for much-loved 2CVs,- and at least there is a superficial family resemblance) until I read a review that mentioned appalling absence of leg-room/storage. As TeenWonder is now pushing 6 foot, and even LoudBoy will probably grow at some point, that's a non starter. TW, who is wide awake on environmental matters, has been lobbying for a dual-fuel vehicle of some sort, and suggested that I investigate the Toyota Prius. All of which means that, while practising my customary sermon evasion*, I was amused to find this at Emily's place...and intrigued by the result (until, that is, I visited the Toyota website and discovered that starting prices are a good 3 times my available car budget...). Never mind. It was fun for a minute or two!
Your Summer Ride is a Toyota Prius

Sure you're a little sensible and quite green
But no one enjoys outdoors more than you do!

*Incidentally, does anyone else struggle as much as I do with the 2nd Service Lectionary? We've been plugging through Revelation since Easter, and tomorrow's alternative is the wonderful, but slightly unseasonal, Isaiah 60. I cudgel my brains every week, - knowing full well that the congregation might just make it to double figures and the choristers will mostly have brought a good book and won't even begin to listen, but knowing too that anything less than a full length, reasonably coherent sermon will lead to some grumpy souls about the place and a shamefaced Curate.
Bright ideas, anyone?


Songbird said...

Kathyrn, I don't even know what the 2nd Service Lectionary is, but what's the passage this week? Some part of Isaiah 60? I wish I had that for this Mother's Day Sunday! It would beat Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch for a text.
How long a sermon is expected at this service? And what image in the passage grabs you first and most? I loved your monologues in Passiontide. They were very much in your voice and yet also in the voice of the Biblical people. They had a lovely stream of consciousness feel, and that's what this Isaiah passage has. It is never the wrong season for the gathering in of those who feel dispersed, all camels aside. Find the image that speaks most powerfully to you and run with it.
There, my 2 cents, er, pence worth.

Rebecca said...

I'd sell my unborn children for a 2CV, I swear. They're just so cute. All those VW lovers can keep them - it's sardine tins on wheels all the way for me...

hencity said...

I think this soaring chapter comes in the midst of their desolation - it's a telling of things yet unseen but long promised - what they really long for... So what do the congregation really long for - can you do a conversation with them and get them to work on it with you?

see-through faith said...

some congregations never make much more than double figures, so I think it IS important you give it your best and preach accordingly (as I'm 100% you do even if a tad frustrating at times)

I'm not sure what the 2nd S lectionary is - presuambly an alt set of readings so you don't have to preach the smae texts twice and those who attend both don't listen to the readings /sermons twice.

My guess too is that this service is attended by more eldery people - in which case it's tricker (perhaps) to experiment.

Not sure hwat to suggest except preach from the heart and have fun as you run with the word.

as for cars. sigh! they are expensive here too. Hubby's talking about a company bicycle instead :)Now there's a thought.

I've been meaning to ask but I seem to remember you talking about doing a placement elsewhere, and pondering whether you could do it in the USA. Wondering what you ended up doing. You could come to Finland :)

Mary said...

2nd service lectionary is a mystery to me too - Isaiah is always good though 9says she who doesn't have to preach n it, tho' i did have Deuteronomy last week.
I have a Citroen C2 and I love it dearly, but my family are short and I seldom have more than one passenger. For D and me its brilliant - the back seats can be shoved and flipped, and with no people in the back there's lots of legroom in the front. But it wouldn't do for you at all I'm afraid.