Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Reasons why I should resist the urge to join in memes...

Sometimes, they are simply beyond me!
Purechristianithink has tagged me with this:
5 Reasons why I’m cool

Hang on a moment...I have two problems with this. The first is that I have no pretensions to coolness whatsoever. How could this middle aged mother of 3, who is also a clergybird ever aspire to coolness??
Some things are just not possible!

The second problem is that to believe oneself cool must surely exclude one immediately from the company of coolness…Catch 22 alive and well.

However,- given that this is all a load of nonsense and I have today off, with only 3 million things I should be doing (instead of the more usual 5 million)…if I were cool, these might be the reasons why

  • I was for some years the devoted driver of a red and white 2CV named Skippy

  • I own those flowery Docs,- which surely ought to belong to someone cool,- so maybe I am?

  • DarlingDaughter says that I am "the coolest mother ever",- but as I’m the only one she has ever owned, and she seems to base this largely on our shared taste in shopping, some music, and online friendships,I have severe doubts about what this proves. However my 6’ son is still prepared to be seen hugging me in public, which might count for something...

  • And I do have some utterly , indisputably cool & wonderful friends…who seem prepared to spend time with me

But it’s no good, that’s still only 4.
Brief consultation with TeenWonder nets the following result

“It’s cool the way you’re rude about St M’s when you need to be. But I don’t think you’re supposed to be cool. I think you’re supposed to be my Mummy.”

Told you so!


Rebecca said...

It is a Catch 22, surely. I'm terminally uncool and rather proud of the fact!

Michelle said...

I just asked TeenSon "can you think of 5 reasons why I'm cool?" expecting a huge guffaw type laugh and the declaration that I'm not cool at all - but he actually said, "you're weird" (yes, he said that was cool!) and "you're funny" - so two's not bad I suppose!! And I also have my purple metallic DM boots... so maybe I can stretch to 2 and a half (while obviously ignoring the catch 22 thing!). But doesn't it make you feel good when your teen at least agrees a bit that you're a cool mum :)

Purechristianithink said...

Great list! You see, since Katherine, who tagged me for this meme, is still in her almost inevitably cool twenties I was trying to tag folks who could give stellar examples of coolness at mid-life---just to prove it is possible.

serena said...

I think I spent my teens being totally UNcool, and my brother was very embarrassed by me (to the point where I would run some of my outfits by him if we were to be seen together in public). Somewhere along the way after I went to uni, he started asking MY advice about what to wear ... I don't think I changed, I think I just came into fashion ;)

So I may not be an expert on "cool" (apart from as a movement within Jazz, which I studied last year!) but Kathryn, you are DEFINITELY cool in my book! xXx

St. Casserole said...

I think you are Cool.

Lorna said...

laughing :)