Friday, May 05, 2006

If you believe the papers

Archbishop Rowan is cracking under the strain of trying to hold the Anglican Communion together, so it was really heartening to read Sam's account here of the gifted visionary sounding every bit as wonderful as when I last encountered him irl myself.
How about this as a quote for the day?

to be faithful, Christians need to be artistic, political and contemplative. Artistic in the sense of making a difference to their environment, engaging with it creatively, and engaging with what is meaningful (making meaning). Political in the sense of being centred on relationship, on transforming oppressive relationships into justice ('seek the welfare of the city where you are sent'). Contemplative in the sense of delight and joy, taken up completely by what is present; we are made for God's presence and THAT'S IT! God made us to be happy

Artistic, political and contemplative...for me, that's inspirational stuff!

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mibi52 said...

oh, my. Wonderful stuff. Thanks for sharing it with us.