Wednesday, March 14, 2007

And another one....LLLL24

I guess its somewhere about now that you realise that actually 6 weeks is quite a long time, and not only have I slipped terminally from all the focussed prayer and quality time with God that I had so fervently intended this Lent, but even the LLLL activities seem to be beyond me.
Today was, in theory, my day off so the task
"Visit your local park and then write to the council and tell them what you thought about it"
ought to have been quite manageable.

However, thanks to a study morn on the Resurrection (v.g), and a parish Lent course tonight(slightly uninspiring) , the day didn't actually feel that re-creative (with the glorious exception of a lovely lunch time with special friend - some things are always just what you need). What's more, when I got home from the school run, the dogs had managed to break the cat flap so there was lots of faffing about and not alot of joy in Privet Drive.
Actually, unless you count the recreation ground immediately opposite Privet Drive, I suspect there's minimal chance of of my getting anywhere near anything resembling a park for a long while...and, to be honest, if I did have time, I'd rather get out of town altogether.

Of course, there's always Crickley Hill Country Park - one of my most favourite of all dog walks. I could write a very nice letter about that, and the views of Gloucestershire from the escarpment....Do you think that might count instead?


Lorna said...

In a word YES.

and it doesn't have to be a long letter - just a quick email - or a lovely postcard with a stamp on it - which would bless whoever it is who usually deals with complaints in the county office!

I love it that you are sharing these (and the struggles to keep Lent sacred - six weeks is a long time - but if we put God into the equation first, it always balances :)

Blessings and love

Sally said...

echoing Lorna- great idea- hope you find time and space soon