Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Use local shops rather than supermarkets

Failed miserably to achieve this today,- but then, I did no shopping at all, so at least I wasn't swelling the coffers of the multi-nationals. My end of Ch K is not well supplied with independent shops, - a rather posh grocer cum deli(which stocks all sorts of lovely luxury foods, but would really not be the answer to any sort of practical everyday shopping) , a chemist (which I do use quite often) a handy ironmonger (but how often in my life is ironmongery really handy?) but mostly and joyfully a really wonderful flower shop.
I do believe passionately in shopping in smaller local shops where possible - but they do need to stock what I need to buy. I can (and do) get most essential Fair Trade goods at The Vine, our ecumenical coffee shop, but Ecover etc has to come from further afield. Still, I guess the aim is a state of mind rather than desperate anxiety about the fine details of practice...I'm out of the village altogether tomorrow (on a final university visit with Hugger Steward) but come Thursday, I think it's time I bought some more flowers. Of all things, flowers in my room remind me to love life!


Lorna said...

I am a huge believer in flowers and plants

I'd say supporting that local shop is a great lenten discipline

also adding that I thik that that the point of llll is not to become legalistic about these tasks - but to do them from the heart and equally importantly to be challenged in our thinking too :)

loving following what you write, think and do

I'm buying flowers today for someone who's been helping me professionally with some of my struggles (our last appt today) - and I'd planned to do it before I read this. How's that for prompting from God :)

blessings and love

Cal said...

Ah, much as I'm still a country girl at heart and hanker after the day when I will move back to trees and fields, I have to say that living in London means I have a plethora of local shops. At the Green at the end of my road I have a chemist, a greengrocer, a butcher's, baker's, a health food shop, a florist (never been in there, looks expensive!), a cobbler, a dry cleaners, a post office, several corner type shops / newsagents, cafes, restaurants, greasy spoons, Turkish bakery, off licence, fish & chippy... And at the other end of the road is an awful lot more again. I barely go in a supermarket.

Tony said...

(Off topic)

Hey, rest assured you will be one of the last to be thrown out of my balloon!

loneparent said...

I shopped local today, but not for flowers, for some viscious chemicals to pour in my shower. Sorry not eco friendly. I blogged my week, you'll see what I mean...

Karin said...

I had a wander along the High Street Today and ordered a book from our independent bookshop. Also bought a djembe CD from independent record shop. Picked up a couple of small books from Waterstones, whom I swore I'd boycott when they opened opposite the other bookshop, but they do have a wider range of books on their shelves.

Yesterday I bought some bits in the farm shop, but today I did a big shop in Sainsbury's so I don't need to use the car too much.

It's a bit of a juggling act really.

Carmi said...

Hi Kathryn. I followed your link home from Rainbow Dreams's (sorry, I'm Canadian) site.

I'm glad you wrote about this: it's an issue that I've written about previously. If we don't support our local merchants, we'll be paved over by the big box stores that are taking over the landscape. Here in North America, Wal-Mart seems to be rolling over neighborhoods and swallowing everything in its path.

It's nice to see folks resisting the trend. I'm so glad I found your blog!

All the best!


Kathryn said...

Hi Carmi...thanks for dropping in. I wasn't sure for a second if you were apologising a)for punctuation or b)for being Canadian - either way, not necessary! Make yourself at home:-)