Friday, March 02, 2007

Quick Plug

FAIR TRADE FORTNIGHT is running now - so do take the opportunity to buy any Fair Trade goods your local shops may have. The more encouragement the ordinary retailer has to stock FT products, the greater the impact.
The Dufflepud reports that FT yoghurt coated raisins are selling really well at school, where they have a Fair Trade promotion for the third year running...but what I'm really really excited about is the news that somewhere out there is the Fair Trade equivalent of "crunchie nuggets".
Clearly it's time for some serious research...the range of FT chocolate is truly staggering - and, of course, I've not given up anything for Lent this year!

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Karin said...

Sainsbury's has 20% off many Fairtrade products. I believe Co-op have 20% of all FT items and that this doesn't come out of producers pockets.

A great time to try a new FT product therefore.

Did you know if chocolate is not FT the cocoa beans may well have been processed with slave labour - quite prbably child slaves? Check out STOP THE TRAFFIK's Chocolate Campaign.