Sunday, March 25, 2007

Lenten Confusion

It's just as well that the LLLL booklet says that we can chop and change the order in which we attempt the actions - I seem ready to move into the home for the terminally confused, as not only did I get to Friday this week ahead of time, but I missed out a really Top action en route.
Thursday, you see, should have seen me setting out to

Give a friend a good book or CD

How lovely! But what to choose, and for whom?
Actually, I've been a fortunate recipient this week, since a copy of Leaving Church arrived from Maggi in time for me to read it (it's pretty well unputdownable, imo) for the RevGalBookPals discussion tomorrow. I'm now anxious to share it with everyone who has every wondered why I'm in ministry, and with those who know the answers all too well, - not to mention with beloved friend who is approaching the end of her sabbatical (why, oh why, did I not know about this book 3 months ago, - it would have been the perfect thing to send her way before she started).
So, I could give someone a copy of that...
But then, a couple of weeks ago, I was driving along the A40 towards Oxford, where I've been attending some rather stressful meetings, when classic fm played the most marvellous piece of music (Yes, I know, classic fm is a nasty pernicious radio station that tears great works apart to give us the most accessible bits and almost achieved the remarkable feat of putting me off Mozart's Clarinet Concerto for life - but when I'm driving, it's often what I need). It turned out to be proof that Allegri was not after all a one-hit wonder, as it was another anthem for the Sistine Chapel "Christus resurgens ex mortuis",- so beautiful that I had to stop driving to listen properly. So, making the most of the Dufflepud's need to pay off a debt to his mother I used his Amazon vouchers to order the CD as soon as I got home. It arrived yesterday and has not disappointed in any way. There are lots of people I'm longing to share that with too.

I guess maybe I'll have to have a random draw of names from a hat and depending on who emerges, see what might be best for them.

Meanwhile, last night I was told

Don't leave the TV or hi-fi on stand-by

and today I have to
talk to someone about why I go to church

This last requirement puts me in mind of an old joke which was possibly mildy amusing once upon a time, before Noah...
Son: Mum, I don't want to go to school today. The kids laugh at me, I can't do the work and the teachers all hate me.
Mum: Well, you'll have to go anyway. For one thing, you're 46 years old and besides, you're the Headmaster!

Happily, my experience of going to church this morning was substantially less bleak (it usually is).
I may have set out for St M's sleepily because it's part of my job to be there, but while there I met God in so many people, was challenged by the Word and shared in an amazing meal.
Good enough reasons to get up, even when the clocks have sprung forward!

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Songbird said...

Can I say how much I wish we were exchanging books and having cups of tea?