Friday, March 02, 2007


Say something nice about someone behind their backs

This one is quite a challenge, as most of the people whom I'm simply longing to say something nice about (and believe me, there are dozens of them) are regular readers of this posting a compliment here is unlikely to be sufficiently surreptitious to qualify for today's action.

But I've just (with some help from Particularly Wonderful Friend- whom I'd love to say all sorts of happy things about) finished filling in the dreary form for the ministerial review I blogged about here - and one of the questions involved detailing where I find my support in ministry. So here's what I said:

"Partnership with training incumbent
Regular and frequent meetings with Spiritual Director
My children
Online community of those who read my blog
Greenbelt family
Cell group, women’s group and on-going friendships from vicar school
Some key praying parishioners"

There are lots of rather nice things I'd like to say about anyone fitting into any of those categories (some of you, of course, belong in more than one)...but of course, if you're reading, I can't possibly say anything as it's supposed to be behind your back.
Hang on.
Would you turn around for a second, please?
[Stage whisper ] s/he isn't listening I must just tell you that ___is one of those wonderful people without whom I really would struggle. And I'm so glad s/he is part of my life. In fact, I'm rather inclined to hug them

Tomorrow I'm away again - but before I go we have to feed the birds.

Or perhaps I'd better feed some random birds resident at a distance from Privet Drive. I'd hate to be appearing to lure them to their death,but with 3 cats in the family the potential for disaster is great.

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marcella said...

I was fortunate and work gave me several opportunities to say very much deserved nice things behind people's backs. I'm going to be similarly challenged about feeding the birds though. Younger daughter thought the LLLL course "really cool" until she came across that one.