Friday, March 02, 2007

Back again...

albeit briefly.

Llan was great. I'd not been there in stormy weather before, and in its position on the side of the hill the house felt very much like a ship breasting the waves, as the wind howled around us.
The chapel, which has 3 outside walls, was specially wonderful in this respect - and as I was dealing with some pretty stormy issues, that felt right and good.
Another change in dynamic was provided by the company of special friend from vicar-school. We had silent days, but a chance to explore together in the evenings, and to simply enjoy each other's company in a beautiful place.
My other companion was Judy Hirst's "Struggling to be Holy" Do read it, specially if you've had more than you can take of Purpose Driven Lives/Churches/Cars...It's utterly real and truly excellent.

Try these quotes to whet your appetite
  • "Our desire for God is simply the other half of God's desire for us, ,the mirror image of the image in which we are made"
  • "Desire always calls us on to what is beyond ourselves, and draws us to a life time of becoming"
  • "To embrace the gospel means to enter into a community. Christianity is not a magic formula, it is a relationship. It is not about our ability to grasp the concepts - it is about intimacy. It is not about our ability to live good lives - it is about learning to live lives in connection with the God who loves us, and with his creation."
  • "Failure is God's chance to open us and to stretch us beyond our tiny hopes and expectations - but often we get so bogged down in them that we cannot see a way forward"
And, just for good measure, she quotes an amazing bit of Augustine that I'd never met
"We have begun to become some great thing"

As I say,- just read it. I'm sure you'll find it worthwhile.


Songbird said...

Those quotes are very much on point for what we're talking about at my house today. Thank you for sharing them.

Lorna said...

echoing what SB said :)

but also a big SIGH there are so many books I'd like to buy ... maybe that's my lenten discipline to freeze the and amazon accounts until Easter :)

Wish our library (newly opened this weekend after 4 months of renovation) stocked books like this. Maybe I'll suggest it :)

Kathryn I don't comment that often but so much of what you write is a real inspiration to me. And I'm so enjoying the LLLL - and trying to follow your footsteps. Gave apples yesterday :) so thanks :)