Friday, March 02, 2007

What happened about the apple?

Before I departed on my travels, I'd asked for advice as to how to happily give away an apple, as suggested in Love Life Live Lent...
The popular suggestion was that I should give the requisite apple to the horse...but as Truffle is often presented with an apple as a bribe to persuade him to leave the field and come and do some work, I wasn't convinced that he'd really see that this was a token of my resolve to live in a more positive and life enhancing way during Lent.
So in the end, I took a spare apple with me to the Spiritual Direction course, and gave it to J, - who had been doing some rather serious praying for me in the past fortnight.
She was not only happy to receive it, but was also rather taken with the LLLL programme, so I gave her a booklet too. Result!

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