Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Response to Comments

Caroline pointed out, by implication, in her comments on yesterday's post that actually what I think is probably more sorted than I've suggested.
She's right, of course, but (returning to the good old MyersBriggs paradigm) I am so strongly F that when I'm considering the realities of being me, feelings have it their own way almost entirely.
I know quite alot of things as intellectual certainties.
I actually live most of my time quite contentedly on the basis of that knowledge.
But when I'm asked to go grubbling about in my murky depths, that's a process based on instinct and feeling.

I'm only pointing out this obvious and boring (to anyone except me) truth because I spent some time last night with very dear friend whose T is as strong as my F. Hearing her talk about her approach to a situation, I was struck again by what a huge impact this all has.
And I remembered that, at least half the time, when I say "I think..." what I actually mean is
"I feel"

Right now, though, I think, feel, KNOW that if I don't press on with writing the Lent talk I'm to deliver tomorrow night I will be absolutely done for.
I've only had 6 months to prepare. No wonder I haven't started!


Songbird said...

Did you get it finished?

Caroline said...

Your comments about feelingand thinking ring so true for me right now.

Right now I am functioning on emoitions though usually (impossible tho it probably is for you to believe) I am quite logical and rational. And sometimes - like now - logic and emotion just seem totally exculsive.
But I want to say this -
I believe in you - and I can see others do too.

Sam Gamgee said...

Yeah, me too. Being VERY F. There are so many things I know, but when it comes to fast responses and any self-assessment... Yeah, not so much.

And to follow caroline, I not only believe in you, (ready for this?) I like you, too!