Wednesday, March 07, 2007


is remarkably easy for one who has lived in a Georgian house with Georgian draughts. In our old home, people would regularly put on their coats when they came in the front, at Privet Drive, the wonders of modern insulation, double glazing and the like mean that many of my essential winter woolies are packed away in the loft.
But today we're asked to
"Turn down the heating and put on a jumper"

I can't remember ever having been cold since we moved here, and we have the thermostat quite low too. It's just an easy house to heat - much though I miss our 3 fire places and the wood burning stove at Lower Farmhouse. Both Privet Drive and LLLL are clearly awake to the inconvenient truths of our day.
But, having driven far too many miles today, I'm awake to very little...Time for a duvet,rather than a jumper. Good night, sleep tight, snug as a bug in a rug!


marcella said...

Good night. Didn't even need the jumper here as it was so warm, and found shopping in the supermarket (posh one to which I can walk from work) so much easier than trying to find fair trade goods in local shop. Tomorrows lightbulb looks easier.

Karin said...

If only.

The heating was off when I arrived at work, hurrah! It had been a mistake, but it seemed warm enough.

A cloud must have come over just before lunch and even I needed a jumper, but the sun was streaming in after lunch so plenty warm enough, but someone with vinegar in their veins had thought it necessary to put the heating on - and it's either on or off.

So we were back to the overheated stuffy atmosphere again - and I'm already wearing summer clothes and sandals.

I think the heating is on here at 16, but none of us sit down for that long and we put on a jumper before we turn the heating up.