Monday, March 05, 2007


The diocesan material for Praying Together in Lent is using the LLLL actions as launch pads for prayer...which is excellent, as it increases the sense of continuity across all aspects of this Lenten journey. Today's action is
phone or text someone to say goodnight

and this morning's prayers had us remembering those who work at night in the service of others, those for whom night time is fearful or lonely, those who long to rest but cannot sleep. We weren't specifically encouraged to pray for those with no overnight shelter, but as the wind gusts so fiercely that in Privet Drive cat flaps and trap doors are blown open, and the rain beats down on the flat roof of the study, those are the people whom I long to connect with. Recently Hamish has revisited St Mary's, raising our collective awareness of the problems of homelessness. He remains adamant that a roof over his head is the last thing he needs,- but on a night like tonight, I wish I had some way of touching base with him, wishing him and too many others like him a Good night and God bless.


Caroline said...

thankyou for your everynight texts they are hugely appreciated, as is the 'mere' fact of you being there!

Anonymous said...