Sunday, March 04, 2007

Quick explanation

for LoneParent, who wanted to know what ENFP meant.
I've burbled about the Myers Briggs Type Indicator before, here and can't really add to what I said then. It's a useful shorthand to describe the way you work, and I do remain laughably typical of my type. Here, for example, is the the ENFP's prayer life in a nutshell
" Dear Lord, please help me to concentrate on just one th- Oooh...Look a bird- ing at a time."

Since I came into the study to turn OFF the computer about half an hour ago, because I wanted an early night, the familiar patterns are clearly well-learned!
But I really AM going to bed now...if I don't meet something interesting en route.

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loneparent said...

thank you! that is a whole new thing to me.