Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lent continues...

truly it does, despite my lamentable failure to keep you updated with the Love Life Live Lent material for a whole week now. I'm afraid it has been more a question of Live Life, hang on in there - just too much going on, and backlogs of reflection on so many things....
However, since last I blogged, LLLL has encouraged us to
  • have a conversation with someone from a different generation (easy - I live with teenagers and have a fairly elderly congregation)
  • join a litter walk or clean up (I'm going to help the Scouts on St George's day, thanks to MGBF)
  • ring a loved on (phoned Hatti Gandhi, texted Special Friend)
  • plant some seeds where the flowers will be seen (well, I have a packet of nasturtiums to cast, but it snowed on Monday, when I should have done this, so it seemed kinder to postpone the action till the seeds have a chance of survival)
  • find an open church (like St M's, you mean!) and spend 5 minutes in silence
  • Hug someone who needs it (who doesn't? but hugging is easy and wonderful)
  • find out about blood/organ donation (do both anyway - though I have to wait another 3 months before my blood is deemed clear from Indian influence)
It's sad that life has rather got in the way of my responding to and savouring each day's action. Perhaps I can retune after this peculiarly manic week.
Meanwhile, as my maths teacher used to say when he was leaving the classroom to have a badly needed cigarette
"Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee going on with that"

Edit: Marcella is quite right. Tomorrow is organ and blood donation day - so having been a week behind, I'm now 24 hours ahead. Ah well. Time keeping is never my strong suit!


marcella said...

Isn't it tomorrow we're supposed to find out about blood or organ donation? I have also got the nastertiums waiting to be sown but now read that they are BAD for tortoises, so will also have to try some marigolds.

MGBF said...

Bad news for you- the scout litter picking has been cancelled because too many leaders were complaining that it could be dangerous. There's just going to be a parade now, and no service, so what good that's going to be to anyone I don't know.