Saturday, March 10, 2007


Find out about a litter walk or clean up

Well, I tried...really I did.

Hugger Steward says that his beloved Beaver colony had one a while ago, but there seems to be precisely nothing planned in or around Cheltenham...which means, I guess, that I will have to organise one myself. When we lived in Gt Ris we used to have a very busy weekend somewhere around this time of year cleaning up the Cotswolds...but because municipal staff with exciting machines appear each morning, there is far less incentive to clean up Charlton Kings, even though the amount of rubbish jettisoned here each day is surely greater.
However, despite the lack of communal clear-ups going on, I can report that I'm not the only mother I know who has spent large tracts of time today cleaning up corners of the immediate environment. The impact on the world in general may be minimal, but on a micro, domestic scale Marcella and I have both achieved a fair bit. Except now that there are no books on the floor I'm horribly aware that the study carpet needs more than just hoovering...


Amy said...

On St. George's Day there is going to be a litter pick in Pittville Park for scouts and their families, instead of the usual service in the College Chapel. You can come to that!

Kathryn said...

Hooray! That's that one sorted then...Thanks Amy. Make me put it in my diary tonight, ok?

loneparent said...

I can't keep up with you. I've only just got it together with the bird feeding (got one of those coconut shell things filled up with bird seed and fat, which apparently the birds love, and it's hanging outside the kitchen window.)

So thanks for the inspiration on that, but litter pick up? I'll be lucky if I manage to pick up the litter around the house, let alone out of doors. :)